Framed or Matted Prints
Framed or Matted
Note Cards
Matted and Framed Print Prices
Custom Sizes available
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5x7 Image/Matted to 8x10” $25.00
5x7 Image/Framed to 8x10” $50.00 8x10 Image/Matted to 11x14” $50.00
8x10 Image/Framed to 11x14” $100.00 11x14 Image/Matted to 16x20” $100.00
11x14 Image/Framed to 16x20” $165.00 16x20 Image/Matted to 22x28” $180.00
16x20 Image/Framed to 22x28” $250.00
Prints are created from your choice of any image in the Images Gallery. 248-877-4507